Monday, November 8, 2010

WOW- WE! Has it really been a month since I added a post?

Yes it has!  How life seems to get in the way-frequently!  Some excursions that have happened since we last met:

-Ended my Education class (with an A if I might add=)
-Had an entire week free from studies.
-Began my Stats class for a 3rd time=(
-Was reimbursed partial tuition for the stats class due to medical issues with Peanut Pie.
-Short trip to the ER on Oct 30th.
-Found out Peanut Pie does NOT have early detection marker for diabetes!
-Was able to Princess for a quick 45 minute trick-or-treat excursion.
-Took the girls to Family Fun Night at our church on Oct. 31.
-Peanut Pie started PT again after a 6 month hiatus.
-Made the decision to keep her out of school until March (through the sick season).
-Princess ended her soccer and football/cheer season.
-Stared getting back into my coupon savvy groove=)

Other then the other basic day-to-day happenings, like doctor's appointments, driving the kiddos everywhere, etc., that is pretty much it!

I am hoping to post more over the next few months.  Just hang tight =0)

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