Thursday, January 31, 2013

Giving Challenge: January's Final Round-Up

Here is the final picture of the stuff that will be going to the Ronald McDonald House next week.  Just to recap, I am budgeting $25 a month and buying as much as I can with that money by using sales and coupons.  Each month I will donate to a different charity/cause.  This months haul:

-14 boxes of cereal =$1 a box or less (I don't normally pay over $1 for cereal)
-4 cans of soup=$0.50 each
-3 boxes of pop-tarts=$1.16 each
-2 boxes of cereal bars=$0.50 each
-2 bottles of detergent=$1.99 each
-box of microwavable noodles=FREE
-3 packs of popcorn=$0.21 each

I used the packs of popcorn to fill the gap to the $25.  This actually goes a few cents over $25, but I got a few cents overage on some of the other items so it all equals out.  I'm not counting tax cause, well, I'm just not=)

With this donation I will be taking in a coffee can full of pop-tops.  We don't always drink pop, unless it's on sale.  When we do, I save the cans for our neighbor (minus the pop-tops) and he takes off all the tops of his cans and gives them to us.  It's a pretty good trade. 

I'm not sure what who will be the recipient of February's donation.  I have several places on my list.  We shall see what sales we have, what coupons we have, and that will make determine who's next. 

Remember to leave me feedback if you are participating!  Y'all have a good night!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I have an idea....

I decided at the end of 2012 that I was going to get back into my money saving and deal finding ways.  2012 was a busy year, especially the second half when M was hospitalized for 6 weeks and had spinal fusion.  I decided to make a fun charity goal and it goes a little something like this...

I have made a list of organizations and places I want to donate to.  First up on my list is the Ronald McDonald House.  I am designating $25 per organization.  I take a look at the their wish list, and use coupons, sales, and my deal finding-hound dog-spidey sense to get those items.  So I buy as much as I can for the $25 I've designated. 

I'd love to encourage anyone who wants to take this challenge with me to join in!  I've had about 2 weeks of deal finding so far and I do have some items that I won't specify in this post but I will share today's finds. 

I spent $31.50 on 17 toys that the original price was $98.  My favorite buy was the Xia-Xia village and pets.  The pets retail normally for $10.98 each, but were marked down to $3 each and the village was regularly $19.98 and it was marked down to less then $4. There's a child that will love that this Christmas! 

So although my goal is $25 per organization, that is hard to stick to every month, especially when you come across some great deals and know that they are not on this months charity choice.  Just participate at your comfort level.  If $25 is not in your budget, try $20, $15, or $10.  If you think you can go higher, by all means GO FOR IT!  You might also find that you need to switch the charity you choice for this month for a different one on your list, depending on the types of items you are able to get a good deal on.  Here is a list of my picks:

  • The Ronald McDonald House
  • Animal Shelter
  • Crisis Pregnancy Center
  • Food Bank
  • Children's Hospital
  • Local ministry that helps the homeless
  • School supplies for Back to School time
  • Shoe Boxes for Operation Christmas Child
  • Angel Tree at Christmas
I am leaving some room on my list for if I come across a person that has fallen on hard times or if there is a natural disaster, I am prepared to donate supplies.  I am waiting for God to lead me to the needs of other organizations so I can help.   

Another great deal I happened upon was at Best Buy after Christmas.  They had a $20 coffee pot on sale for $4.99 and a $20 blender on sale for $7.99.  I had a $10 rewards certificate so I was able to purchase both for $2.99.  If I don't know of anyone getting married in the near future, this will make a great donation to a ministry that helps people recover from house fires.

Along with my list, I plan on making 4 Blessing Bags for the homeless, two to keep in my car and two to keep in my husband's car. 

So who is with me?  I'm not all high tech-fancy with my blog yet, so I don't have a linky thing, but will work on getting one.  In the mean time, leave your comments and link to your site if you want to participate.  If you don't have a site, no problem!  But I'd still love to hear from YOU!  What organization did you help for the month, what was your budget, and what were you able to purchase with that amount? 

So have fun and give cheerfully!  "Every man according as he purposes in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loves a cheerful giver." - 2 Corinthians 9:7