Thursday, January 31, 2013

Giving Challenge: January's Final Round-Up

Here is the final picture of the stuff that will be going to the Ronald McDonald House next week.  Just to recap, I am budgeting $25 a month and buying as much as I can with that money by using sales and coupons.  Each month I will donate to a different charity/cause.  This months haul:

-14 boxes of cereal =$1 a box or less (I don't normally pay over $1 for cereal)
-4 cans of soup=$0.50 each
-3 boxes of pop-tarts=$1.16 each
-2 boxes of cereal bars=$0.50 each
-2 bottles of detergent=$1.99 each
-box of microwavable noodles=FREE
-3 packs of popcorn=$0.21 each

I used the packs of popcorn to fill the gap to the $25.  This actually goes a few cents over $25, but I got a few cents overage on some of the other items so it all equals out.  I'm not counting tax cause, well, I'm just not=)

With this donation I will be taking in a coffee can full of pop-tops.  We don't always drink pop, unless it's on sale.  When we do, I save the cans for our neighbor (minus the pop-tops) and he takes off all the tops of his cans and gives them to us.  It's a pretty good trade. 

I'm not sure what who will be the recipient of February's donation.  I have several places on my list.  We shall see what sales we have, what coupons we have, and that will make determine who's next. 

Remember to leave me feedback if you are participating!  Y'all have a good night!

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