Friday, January 7, 2011

January Week 1 Update

I am progressing well with my goals.  Recap of goals & progress:

Lose 10 lbs this month Today's weigh-in I am down 2.4 lbs

Pay off one debt Accomplished!  We paid off a $750 debt before interest started accruing!

Organize master bedroom closets Sadly, I have yet to begin this task.  I am hoping to start today with before and after pics for your viewing pleasure;)

I can't wait to see what I have accomplished by next Friday!  If you haven't joined the challenge yet, what are you waiting for?  Join in=)


  1. Wow, you've already completed a task and worked towards another and it's only the 7th? Great job! I've only just gotten started.

    I get to be your first google follower!

  2. Hey there! I am posting from 3 in 30 and I wanted to say great job! Paying off debt is a great feeling and I hope my hubby and I can do the same this year! One of my goals is to organize each room in our house before our new baby comes. I found that if you break the room down into daily chores you see more getting accomplished. Keep up the great work and stay positive!

  3. Wow! You rock! Getting rid of debt feels GREAT, doesn't it? I've enjoyed visiting your site and I'll be "following" your progress. 3in30 Wohoo!

  4. Wahoo!! Way to go on paying off your debt!! What an amazing feeling that is - knowing that you don't have to come up with that money each month! :-D Keep up the great work!

  5. Wonderful progress! 2.4 in a week is phenomenal! Paying off that debt is pretty darn exciting too.

    Have a great weekend and I hope you have continued success on your goals.

    (visiting from the 3 in 30 link up)

  6. Great job! It's rewarding isn't have all month to organize closets..eeeeeeek! I'm the queen of procrastinating for sure. I have closets on my goals too. Just thinking about tackling them hurts my feelings. Keep up the good work sounds like your on a roll!
    {tara}@ undeservingrace