Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hospital Visit 9/26/10

This morning Peanut Pie woke up crying.  My little girl hardly ever cries, she is so happy.  She was crying & shaking uncontrollably.  We found out a couple months ago that she has hypoglycemia.  So I knew from the shaking that her blood sugar had dropped.  I attempted to get it back up to a stable level by giving her juice and cheese and crackers.  That didn't work.  She got sick.  And off to the ER we went.  On the way there she calmed down and even the shaking had subsided.  Her blood sugar registered at 68.  Blood work also showed she was dehydrated. 

I'm not sure, but I think the dehydration has to do with her not drinking from her sippy.  She will just throw it in the  floor.  Time after time of repeatedly giving her the cup, she will continue to throw it down.  I don't know what to do?  I've firmly told her "NO" and even tried setting her in the corner.  Nothing seems to work.  She threw the cup down so hard yesterday that she cracked it!  She has an appointment this week with a behavioral doctor, so I am hoping we can come to a resolution.

Back to the ER visit: she was given IV fluids and she started drinking apple juice and eating.  After having a wet diaper she was discharged.  I hate hospital visits (they happen so frequently in our house) but I do like when they only last a few hours!  Love You My Little Peanut Pie!

The Princess of the house today has sounded more like a frog!  She has been coughing and had a low grade fever.  She rested today and this evening she seemed to be feeling better.  She even lost a tooth tonight, so that made her day just grand!  I am glad my princess is feeling better too!  Love you Princess JD!

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