Monday, September 20, 2010

"Peanut Pie's" first horse riding experience

Today our Mommy Central group at church had a play date and all the kids got to ride a horse. This was Peanut Pie's (MB) first experience on a horse. I was a little nervous. She has sensory issues and she did just have open heart surgery 6 weeks ago. But....short little Mommy Me mounted Cowboy the Horse and so did Peanut Pie. Guess what? SHE LOVED IT!!! She laughed the whole time and even clapped a few times (despite me trying to explain that she should hold on instead of clapping;). It was so wonderful to hear her laugh like that. For a child who verbalizes very little, that precious sound is like music to my ears! Love you Peanut Pie! Can't wait to see you on a horse again!

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