Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Dear Lord,

Who am I?  I am nobody who you made into somebody.  But for a brief moment, I thought of myself as higher then that.  I read an urgent prayer request from a friend on Facebook, and I thought to myself that I was too busy to pray for this person that I didn't even know.  How dare I!?!  All this person can do is wait on you.  When her body and mind is too weak to pray, she needs others to stand in the gap for her.  Sometimes it is the prayers of one certain person that turns a hopeless situation around!  Thank you Lord for everyone, even the complete strangers, who were praying for my daughter when life and death hung in the balance.  May their cup runnith over!  Lord I pray for this woman, and for a Divine intervention!  May this affliction bring you all honor and glory.  Heal her body please Sweet Savior....Amen.

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